EM Tea Coffee Cup


The EM Tea Coffee Cup Cafe, which has been in continuous operation since January 2000 (17 years and counting), and is located at 80 Oakgrove in the historic Hamlin Park District, one block from Canisius College Student Center. The Tea Cup operates as a take out restaurant/ small space that hosts numerous events including intimate special events, fundraisers, and meetings.

The Tea Cup aka "The Poetry Place" has been featured in the Buffalo News, Buffalo Spree Magazine, Channel 4s "Why Guy" show and Channel 2 Celebration of Juneteenth Festival.

The cafe was opened in memory of Kat's (owner) mother. The "EM" in EM Tea Coffee Cup Cafe and m.o.m in the logo stands for "in memory of mom". The cafe slogan is "We know you've been satisfied when your cup is empty

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    It's Great...!

    JaWhy, Buffalo, NY

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    It's a wonderful place to come, relax and talk. There is a great sense of community at the Tea Cup.

    Gerald, Buffalo, NY

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    I've been coming here for over 15 years. Kat, Will and Sterling are like family.

    Sean, Buffalo, NY